Drive out with the treasures

Activité oenotouristique

An adventure through the field

Joan Fournil proposes an activity to you moreover to discover his vineyard while taking part in a hunting for the treasure in the vines with enigmas as well as tests around the wine.

From the Field, you will call on your direction of orientation to manage to find the “hiding-places” of the enigmas and in the form of games you will have to also call on your imagination to succeed of the tests. Each time you will score points. According to your performance with the tests, it will be more or less easy for you to find famous “the treasure” which is inevitably in the vines.

Discovered beautiful landscapes with sight on the Pyrenees and the black Mountain, small local heritage, Mediterranean, hollow flora.


Je suis un aventurier

Pour plus d’information, contactez-nous (programme à la demande)

Visite – Dégustation – Vente à la propriété

Tous les jours : Accueil sur rendez-vous

Visite – Dégustation – Vente à la propriété

Samedi : de 10h à 12h

Visite – Dégustation – Vente à la propriété

Groupe : 10 à 35 personnes

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