Domaine Fontanille Haut

Isolated on a high plateau, among nature, not very far away from the ancient city of Carcassonne (25 minutes), Domaine Fontanille Haut uses low-production vineyards, in order to create original and structured wines, with fruity tastes, coming from a traditional winegrowing. This way and those traditions have been transmitted across generations since 1831, in Laure-Minervois. Winegrower Joan Fournil offers a glimpse at his vineyard and his “terroir”. And if you wish to know, see and taste more … just feel free to come and visit us.

Domaine Fontanille Haut
The Winery “Domaine Fontanille Haut”

Vins rouge et rosé , Carthagène
Wines “Rouge, Rosé and Carthagène”

Balade accompagnée sur le Département de l'Aude
Tourism “Activities”